Serramenti in pvc garanzia e certificazioni



The quality of our work is certified

When we say that our products have guaranteed quality, we are confirming what our certification shows: IQ and RAL-GZ 716/1 for PVC profiles; UNI 10593/1-2-3-4 for glass panes; UNI EN 14351/1 for the frames and casing, conforming to EN 12210 – 12208 – 12207 and EN 10077 standards.

As well as individual parts, our processes too are monitored and scrupulously controlled at every stage, right through to the finished product. This is the result of a precise company strategy, paying the utmost attention to every detail during production. Only this way can we achieve our targets of excellence and also improve every day.

All Daunia products have CE certification, an essential condition for selling in the European Union. The CE mark means that the product conforms to the EU requirements imposed on the manufacturer. This certification is proof of “Manufacturer’s details”, the “Construction method and product description” and the “Performance characteristics” of same. The relevant reference standards are:

  • For doors and windows, the product standard is UNI EN 14351-1
  • For shutters, the product standard is UNI EN 13659

Up to 10-year product warranty

Daunia Serramenti products are covered by a warranty of up to 10 years (much longer than the terms envisaged by law).

Our warranty covers:

  • colour fastness
  • maintenance of material quality
  • the functionality of the window

The warranty, in Italy, is given by Lgs. Decree 6/9/2005 no. 206 – consumer code.

In full compliance with the terms of the law, Daunia guarantees that each of its products is suitable for its intended purpose, free from defects in materials and workmanship, and is also provided with the relevant conformity marks for its type.

Daunia products are covered by warranty from the date of delivery, as stated in the transport document. Detailed warranty conditions are provided on the certificate accompanying the product.