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Innovation and cutting-edge materials for increasingly efficient windows.

We believe that to make superior quality windows, it is essential to keep up with the times. Even in the door and window industry, technology is able to develop every single product into systems that can improve people’s lives.

This is why, from the time we decided to start our business, we have never stopped researching: choosing increasingly high-performance materials; constant and growing attention to detail; the use of increasingly evolved production methods. All this has allowed us to grow and to improve, every day.

Infissi in PVC progettazione

Sustainability, our outlook on the present

PVC and Aluminium, the materials we use for our windows, are precious because they have surprising characteristics in terms of lightness, strength and insulation capacity, and above all, they are 100% recyclable. The profiles obtained from recycled material have zero environmental impact and excellent quality: in fact, they consist of a prime-quality core that comes from recycling and from a completely new coating in PVC, which has the same positive characteristics as those made starting with new material.

The advantages of this process are extremely important, such as a completely eco-friendly product range with low maintenance requirements, and excellent energy savings, all made to last.

Infissi in PVC tecnologia