Daunia serramenti: storia



Daunia Serramenti: windows 100% made in Italy, since 1990.

Since the company was founded, more than thirty years ago, our aim has been to make efficient windows that represent the very best of everything the Made in Italy label encompasses: attention to detail, faultless production processes, guaranteed quality, professional installation, and lasting results.

We began as a small, family-run business and we have gone on to become one of the most important companies on the panorama of PVC doors and windows in Italy. A long road, built on sacrifices, hard work, and lots of satisfaction, which has brought us where we are today, with the same passion now as then.


The year we were born

The year when Daunia Serramenti takes shape: our family-run business begins in a building of 300 sqm, in the artisan area of Apricena (FG).


We gain ground

Daunia expands: from 300 sqm to 3000 sqm. From a small family business, we begin to become an industrial concern. The production setup changes, and our network of retailers begins to expand throughout Italy.


We become bigger

In just a short time, we double our staff. Workers, office staff, partners: we also double our efficiency, thanks to the new professional figures who gravitate to our production plant.


Aluminium makes its entrance

From a company focused exclusively on PVC windows, we expand our products to include aluminium windows, significantly increasing the production and sale of new products.