Infissi finestre in PVC e alluminio



Excellence, made in Italy

Quality, innovation, territory: the values at the roots of Daunia Serramenti windows.

History, tradition, and the attitude of our local area, Tavoliere delle Puglie, have together forged enterprising men and women with lively curiosity and skills that have been passed down through the generations. It is based on these roots that our culture of expertise has evolved in a brand new way to imagine the future of doors and windows, thanks to technology and innovation.

This constant progress, together with careful attention to the dynamics of a continuously growing market, have made our business one of the most important and innovative in Italy’s door and window industry.

Since 1990, at Daunia Serramenti we have believed that only the quality of the materials used to make our products, with the intelligent use of new technologies to make windows, a serious, well-structured organisation and working closely with the customer can we achieve important professional goals.

Painstaking attention to detail and exaltation of beauty, research and innovation. Every day, we pursue our aims with passion and tenacity, to achieve excellence and professionalism that cannot be equalled. This means we can guarantee windows for stylish, protected homes.

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Our mission

In our trade, new objectives are targets to achieve, step by step, day by day, with faith and determination. Daunia Serramenti’s thirty years in the business are the experience that certifies our reliability, but our true challenge lies in never stopping: looking to the future with optimism and remaining up to date, following innovation and trends, and choosing materials and solutions keeps us one step ahead of the others.

Our mission is to open windows onto the future, developing technology and keeping our eyes on the main goal: to guarantee improved living comfort, protecting everyday spaces and making them even more appealing. To sum up, what we want is to make people’s lives better.

Infissi finestre in PVC e alluminio


Why choose our products?


From our choice of raw materials to our finishes, and from the designs to the metalwork, everything we do is part of a process, leading to the excellence of made in Italy.

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Our windows make the very best of any type of architecture, offering customised results to suit client design requirements as well as being a concentrate of technology.

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Our quality is certified because our windows have passed specific tests and obtained certification to prove their excellent performance in terms of resistance and insulation.

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