Veneziane interno vetro



Integral Venetian Blinds – the practical elegant way to manage natural light.

Integral Venetian blinds are inserted into the double glazing of the window, which protects them against wear and dust. The result is maintenance free and also means no exposure to the elements. These blinds are ideal for homes and offices, and have adjustable louvers (by hand using cords or by a motor system with remote control).

Light can therefore be controlled via two easy and fully customisable systems that allow you to choose how high to lift or lower the blinds, and the direction for tilting the louvers, for brighter rooms or softer, more inviting lighting.

Veneziane SL20-22C a corda

Venetian blinds with cord

Venetian blinds that “disappear” inside the window: an innovative, intelligent system to ensure lasting louvers and a notably stylish look.

The ScreenLine® SL20-22C model is a magnetic system where the movement and direction of the louvers are controlled by hand. The control, affixed to the outside of the window using adhesive, contains a closed loop cord and a magnet; the movement of the cord turns the magnets that in turn cause the blind to move.

The SL20-22C blind is extremely versatile, but ideal for modern structural facades. Its innovative composition and position inside the glazing does not have any effect on the heat and sound properties of the window itself.

The main advantages of this type of blind is that it is protected against dust, dirt, wear, and exposure to moisture and other elements.

Veneziane SL20-22W smart

smart Venetian blind

The ScreenLine® SL20-22W model is a cutting-edge blend which is inserted into the window’s double glazing, making it practical, versatile, and maintenance free.

The W Smart system is technology that includes installation of a 3.6V motor inside the blind box. This allows the blind to be raised, lowered or tilted using a wireless control device, which can be applied to the glass or window, for touch mode controls.

This Venetian blind can be applied to all types of windows and is easy to install because there are no wires to connect or electrical contacts. The battery is powered by charger or alternatively, through a dedicated photovoltaic panel, with notable benefits in terms of energy savings.

SL20-22W is the ideal solution for modern environments, such as contemporary style homes or for offices and public buildings.


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