Accessori per serramenti in PVC e alluminio



Accessories to complete your window

Venetian blinds, shades, muntins, handles, bottom door panels: this section includes all of the systems to complete your Daunia doors and windows, and to improve the living quality of your home, with shutters and insulating solutions, as well as to characterise every home from an aesthetic point of view.


Integral Venetian blinds

Light intensity and direction with just one touch

Controlling the light in your rooms is an essential operation to achieve the best living comfort. Our Venetian blinds, which are also available in the integral version, between double glazing, can do this with versatility for a totally customised look.

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Bottom door panels

To shade and protect

Made to measure to meet any specific structural need, bottom door panels add character to our doors with their typical design, as well as protecting the door itself as they are made with an insulating core to ensure heat and sound comfort indoors.


Interior shutters

Shutter function and heat and sound proofing

To protect windows and guarantee the right amount of privacy in the home, increasing the insulation properties of the windows. Our shutters are a natural combination of practical use and style, because they add warmth and a timeless classic look to your windows.



Classical, elegant style

Perfect in elegant, historic architectural contexts, but also very popular in modern, contemporary buildings, muntins are able to turn windows into an important feature, giving them the elegant, unmistakable character that is typical of Nordic style.



Strength and beauty on every opening

Made with the finest quality raw materials and subject to stringent controls, Hoppe handles are synonymous with uniqueness and durability. Different product lines, all characterised by martelines that guarantee at least 10,000 cycles of use and a high degree of corrosion resistance.

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Arch top windows

Master craftsmanship and attention to detail

Arch top windows have specific characteristics and are made to meet precise architectural requirements or to adapt new windows to old buildings. These windows stand out for the soft, rounded arch shape of the top section.


Off size

Windows to suit their space

Every space has its own particular architecture and characteristic features to be enhanced. A window needs to be versatile and flexible in terms of shape, and at Daunia Serramenti, we make off-size windows to meet these aesthetic and structural requirements.