The stylish window

Linear style and efficiency in the same window

Atlantico is the perfect combination of modern style and excellent heat and sound performance. A classic system with square-cut lines, made with double seal, 5 chambers and construction depth of 74 mm: the ideal window for an elegant home.

Replacing old windows without masonry work

Reduced maintenance

High degree of sound proofing

Technical characteristics

  • 5 chambers with a construction depth of 74mm
  • 2 seals
  • Galvanised steel reinforcements with a thickness of notable dimensions
  • Certified chamber glass with high-level heat and sound insulation and Warm Edge duct
  • Possibility to use double glazing up to 46 mm thick
  • Roto NT, anti-burglary hardware with bottom hung casement as standard for the correct ventilation of rooms
  • Vast range of colours and finishes
  • Product 100% Made in Italy

Sound insulation

RW up to 47Db

Heat insulation

Uw up to 0,94 W/m2 K


Up to Class RC3

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Italian manufactured

V-Perfect Angle



  • Bianco 00

  • Avorio 06


  • Golden Oak 2178001

  • Noce Golden 2178007

  • Bianco Legno 915205

  • Verde scuro 615505

  • Douglas Chiaro 3069041

  • Rovere Naturale 3118076

  • Wengè 3167004

  • Meranti 3162002

  • Grigio chiaro 715505

  • Grigio Antracite 701605

  • Marrone cioccolato 887505

  • Blu acciaio 515005


  • Winchester 49240

  • Teak 3241002

  • Rosso Scuro 300505

  • Rosso Chiaro 308105

  • Grigio Agata 703805

  • Grigio Luce 725105

  • Argento 4361002

  • Verde muschio 600505

  • Ottone 4361007

  • Grigio Quarzo 703905

  • Crema 137905

  • Rovere Zenzero RW 3078004

  • Rovere Sbiancato RW 3241306

  • Rovere Miele RW 3078007

  • Rovere Amaranto RW 3078008

Technical details

Our range of Atlantico windows guarantees a high ability to withstand external factors such as environmental stress, the elements, water, and moisture. This is thanks to the top quality of the materials and profiles, with IQ and RAL-GZ 716/1 certification, which we use to make our windows. Atlantico’s excellent heat performance is guaranteed by the thermal transmittance of the frames and the high insulation effects of the low-emission glass, from 24 to 46 mm thick, with warm-edge duct, and able to insulate inside spaces from outside ones, avoiding heat dispersion and reducing noise pollution. The strength of the structure, which makes doors and windows stable, the 2mm galvanised steel reinforcements, and resistance to scratches, knocks and the marks of time, make our Atlantico line a safe, lasting product that needs no particular maintenance. To complete the extraordinary quality characteristic, Roto NT hardware on two levels for bottom hung opening, for the micro ventilation that all rooms need to exchange air, handles with Secustik closure, security mushroom cams, and the hinge bolt between the frame and casement, which add to the burglar-proof qualities of our products.

Heat insulation

For windows over 1230 x 1480 mm in size, known Frame/Casement value: Uf 1,2 W/m²K

  • Double glazing with Warm Edge Ug 1,1 W/m2K – Psi 0,045 duct and class A heat insulation of Uw 1,30 W/m2K
  • Double glazing with Warm Edge Ug 0,9 W/m2K – Psi 0,045 duct and class A heat insulation of Uw 1,19 W/m2K
  • with double glazing with Warm Edge Ug 0,5 W/m2K – Psi 0,045 (max glass thickness, 46 mm) duct and class A heat insulation of Uw 0,94 W/m2K


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