Versatility in a window

Large size in a single sash

Horizontal Bilico76 is a practical system that offers the possibility to fit large windows with a single sash, using a central, solid and easy to handle hinge. A handy, functional solution that brings more light into those rooms that need it.

Wide range of available colours
This means you can always find the best possible solution for your home.

Casement with just a 7mm rebate
Guaranteed lightweight window design.

Aluminium sill
Eliminates the drainage holes at the front with the relevant cap.

This hides the unsightly top vents in the frame.

Fastening cap
Covers the screws used for fastening.

Technical characteristics

  • 6 chambers with a construction depth of 76mm
  • Double rabbet seal + central seal
  • Welded seal on slanted joints
  • Certified chamber glass with high-level heat and sound insulation and Warm Edge duct
  • Possibility to use double glazing up to 60 mm thick
  • Glass-casement bonding with special foam for improved structure and sound insulation
  • Band type hardware with three lock points, handle and opening limitation
  • Central hinge with soft mechanism and capacity of up to 100 kg to turn the sash through 180°
  • Product 100% Made in Italy
  • 100% recyclable


Uf = 1,10 W/m2K


Ug = 1,10 W/m2K


Uw = 1,18 W/m2K

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  • Bianco 3

  • Avorio 096


  • Ciliegio 110

  • Noce 154

  • Bianco classico 100

  • Crema 96

  • Cedro sbiancato 694

  • Grigio Cedro 143

  • Grigio 004

  • Verde scuro 006

  • Grigio Antracite liscio 048

  • Grigio Quarzo 068

  • Grigio Antracite 072

  • Blu Acciaio 079

  • Winchester 109

  • Bronzo scuro 138

  • Macore 144

  • Alluminio Grigio 184

  • Douglas 402

  • Grigio Basalto liscio 628

  • Grigio liscio 651

  • Alux DB703 653

  • Noce Sorrento Balsamico 663

  • Grigio Basalto 667

  • Grigio Antracite Stylo 686

  • Nero Grafite Stylo 690

  • Grigio Chiaro 907

  • Alluminio liscio 911

  • Alluminio Bianco 925

  • Marrone Cioccolato 008


  • Rosso scuro 027

  • Nero Grafite Matt 043

  • Grigio Ombra Matt 044

  • Woodec Turner Oak Matt 047

  • Grigio Antracite Matt 103

  • Bronzo spazzolato 119

  • Verde Muschio 134

  • Bianco Matt 358

  • Woodec Turner Oak Toffee 1342

  • Woodec Turner Oak Walnut 1346

  • Woodec Sheffield Oak Concrete 1036

  • Woodec Sheffield Oak Alphine 1042

Technical details

Practical, thanks to their typical shape, and unique from an aesthetic point of view, Horizontal Bilico76 windows are the perfect solution for optimising space, letting more light into darker rooms and guaranteeing that very important air recirculation. Another essential advantage is the simplicity when it comes to cleaning. Thanks to the rotation movement, it is possible to reach both the inside and outside of the glass for easier care. Lastly, the wide range of finishes, from the warmer tones of wood effect to the more modern looks, together with the possibility to create shapes that adapt to the architecture of a home, make the Bilico system one of the most flexible and customisable.

Insulation and characteristics

  • Air permeability compliant with DIN EN 12207: Class 4
  • Resistance to heavy rainfall compliant with DIN EN 12208: Class 9A
  • Wind load resistance compliant with DIN EN 12210: Class C4


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